How to Choose a Mascot for Your Business

bbbbbCompanies around the world have been using mascots for many years. Many of the companies that you remember, have a one of these great creatures that jogs your memory and ensures you think of them when you need to buy a product or service.

What do you think of when you think of Kentucky Fried Chicken? What about Geiko? And Energizer batteries? Each of these companies has a mascot that you can identify with and when you see a chicken, a gecko or a pink bunny playing the drums, you immediately think of these companies. They have chosen their mascot with care and if you want to enjoy the same success, then you have some important steps to follow.

The first thing you have to do before choosing any character is determine the purpose of having one of these promotional items. Are you looking to increase sporting morale and team spirit or are you looking for ways to help your target audience identify with your brand?

It’s very important that you choose a suitable character which will help your customer’s identify with your brand. If you sell cupcakes, then there is no point having a chili as a mascot, this may seem obvious. It is important you take your time, consider everything about your brand and then identify what character you feel will best match what you do. Remember the aim of these characters is to help customers identify them to your brand, which is why you need to consider a couple of options, do your research and do some brainstorming with your team before having any custom mascot costumes made.

Remember that any custom mascot costume you purchase is a long term investment. It needs to be made from the highest quality materials and designed to suit your specific needs. Don’t go for the cheapest option, ensure you choose a costume that represents who you are and offers a good impression on your business.

While company owners may retire and staff may leave, your mascot will live on for years, so it’s worthwhile paying the money and choosing the highest quality custom mascot costume available, ensuring that your character lives on for years to come.

The next important factor is to decide what type of events will have your character running around. Are you going to use it in advertising? Are you going to have it running around the streets handing out flyers? Is it going to attend conferences and team building events to boost team spirit and morale? These are important factors to take into consideration, you want to use your character as much as possible to ensure it gets known and recognized by staff and customers alike.

Next, you need to choose your colors carefully. As a business you have probably already built your brand using specific colors. Your character should be able to incorporate these colors when designing the costume. If Energizer can have a pink bunny, then there is no reason your character can’t display your company colors, even if it’s the T-shirt it wears or it’s the color of the character, this is down to you, there is no right or wrong, as long as it looks professional and offers an impressive image for your business.

Your final step in choosing a custom mascot costume is to always remember that your character is portraying your company image. As with any business you want to come across as professional and you can still achieve this with any type of character which relates to your business, boosts your brand colors and reaches your audience. has been operating in the United States since 1985 selling mascot costumes for schools and businesses. The company prides itself on using USA made high quality items at the lowest possible prices.To find out more, visit their website at

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The Influential Power of Logo Design

Many local and multinational companies have bombarded the market, striving to get the most market share and attracting more and more customers day by day. If you look around, you will find many brand logos positioned in various advertising tools such as billboards, television, sign boards, pamphlets and internet to attract customers and increase business revenue.

With such a tough competition in the marketplace, it is not practical for any company to appeal to the customers with their entire business history, descriptive concept and goals and brand details. The companies have very feasibly invested in a short-cut which tells their stories in very short time. This is because a logo is much more than a simple drawing or graphical element. It is one image that speaks many stories for the companies.

For your logo design to gain success you need to make it unique and depicting of the business concept; you need to make it recognized by representing it in communication mediums. You need a strong connection between your business concept and the design. Eventually, this leads to building a strong connection between the logo and the target customers.

Your logo becomes your recognition with time. It is up to you how wisely you invest, the quicker it becomes your visual tool strengthening customer attraction and brand loyalty. When it comes to investment in the logo, you need to hire professionals for the right job.

This is possible for your business in the long run because they have experience of working for various clients’ logos before.They create unique designs, like no other in the market. They design creative concepts so that customer get the good first impression and get attracted quickly. The experts design quality and professionalism, promising the same to the business customers. They design timeless, versatile and proper designs. Overall, they design your business concept with great unique creativity.

Your logo design in the market is the face of your brand; it is your brand identity: representing various business qualities, strengths and unique attributes. These business qualities, if well-designed, evoke emotions among the target customers and give a persuasive call-to-action. The good logo is one which customers understand and connect with, in no time. The design itself enables customers to understand the business theme and concept without giving fully fledged details about it. It is appealing, attractive, simple, unique and successful in quickly achieving customer recognition and becoming brand identification for the business.

David has written this article. He is a professional logo designer for the company. He works for Logos Design along with his creative and professional team. For a professional, unique logo design, contact him NOW.

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Packaging Material: What’s New?

Nowadays you can find people coming with some amazingly unique and captivating packaging designs. Some are functional while some are created just for the visual appeal. Irrespective of the type of packaging that is done, the current focus is based on “sustainability”. Now sustainability is also the key component which is required for maintaining good profitability from the packaging.

In order to understand the implications of sustainability, we need to delve into the following aspects.

Environmental Sustainability

Eco-friendly practices are evident in all aspects of life and it is a necessity more than a preference because the world we live in today has limited resources. The more we use it, the less resources we are leaving behind for our future generations. The best approach to ensuring environmental sustainability is to make use of the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Rethink!

Human beings have the privilege of having a highly functional brain that is capable of creativity and innovation. By using our cognitive abilities, we can come up with ways in which we are able to reduce the requirement of resources for manufacturing products and others. This is the first and most crucial step in ensuring adequate levels of sustainability. Recently, a story hit the news about two students who had come up with an innovative packaging design that could be packed and unpacked in a very short amount of time and it did not require a lot of resources to make. It was even more surprising to know that despite the reduced requirement of resources, the packing material was durable and competitively manufactured to meet the standards in the market. This clearly suggests that it is possible to reduce the requirements.

A good way to actually reduce our needs is to promote reuse. The more we reuse things, the less wastage is made and considerable amount of time, cost and energy can be saved in the recycling process. Who said reuse has to be boring? Some manufacturers have come up with innovative designs that are capable of being used again in second life and it is hard to believe the creativity that has been used for making these packages appear visually stunning despite the fact that they are being re-used. A small effort on your part could really make a big difference to the packaging industry and environmental sustainability.

Re-think is a term that is being used commonly these days to refer to the efforts of people in which they are able to come up with completely new and different approaches to either re-using the packing materials or ensuring reduced usage. Sometimes, the material itself is redesigned in such a manner that it has the least negative impact on the environment. For example, Ecovative Designs (Greenland) have come up with an ingenious approach to solving the qualms of conservation activists. They have come up with a process that makes use of mycelium fibres (mushroom fibres) which is mixed with agricultural waste and the mix is left to cultivate. Once the appropriate stage has been reached, they are packed into shape and heated so that the fibres dies and the culture does not grow more. Since the bonding happens at the cellular level, the material is durable and the best part about it is that once you are done with it, you can toss it in your backyard and it will decompose naturally. There is absolutely no need for getting concerned over disposal issues because the composite matter comprises mushroom fibres and agro waste only. Now this is what you call Re-thinking!

Technological Sustainability

Maintaining relevance with the latest technology has gained paramount importance not only due to the relative convenience that is provided by it, but also due to the way it helps both customers and retailers to manage packages in real time. As of now the two most important technologies that have gained popularity in the packaging industry are NFC (Near Field Communication) and AR (Augmented Reality).

NFC is a very short-range communication medium that is a subset of RFID technology. It works on the fundamentals of inductive coupling and requires two devices to operate – a reader (with a power sources) and any surface with an embedded NFC tag. The moment the tag is in the vicinity of the reader, an electromagnetic field is exposed and the tag is activated. In terms of safety, this technology is pretty safe as it only makes use of radio waves and it is capable of holding up to 8 KB of data on the tag which is sufficient for storing URLs or hyperlinks with the main content existing on the cloud servers. This technology has immense potential with limitless possibilities for its applications, especially in the packaging industry. Although the chips are pretty expensive right now (costing $0.30-$0.50 per chip), it is only a matter of time before this is made affordable for the masses.

Augmented Reality has been helping companies to strengthen their brand loyalty. LEGO is one of the forerunners in the market which is making use of this technology to simply astound customers. Buyers are only required to hold up the package to the camera and the screen displays the end result of the product as it would be when the entire assembly is done properly. So even before buying the product, you can get an idea of the product.

The benefit of such packaging is that it does not incur any additional costs for producing it but the overall benefits are considerably large. Moreover, there is only an upfront cost instead of a per-unit cost which makes it even more affordable. With proper programming, any product can be integrated with AR to provide a better buying experience to the customers where they can actually view things without even opening the package. This is really beneficial for products that are picked up for the first time. Using AR in such packages could instil greater faith in customers about the product and this will directly equate into sales.


In the most basic terms, sustainability means the capacity to endure and adapt to the changes. If you were to analyse the trends today, then adaptability has become the need of the hour, be it adapting to social preferences or the changing consumer needs. The more we are able to align our practices with the current trends, the greater will be the possibility of ensuring profit generation and brand loyalty. It is important to continually update yourself and come out with creative packaging designs that adhere to the trends and to the preferences of the customers, in addition to ensuring adequate sustainability levels.

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How To Close Sales Using Impressive Cheap Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folders, also called pocket folders, are an affordable way to close sales, they are one of the best ways to make a powerful impression and generate business. Inexpensive pocket folders are great for way to present sales kits with company logos, business cards, introductory letters, flyers, sell sheets, brochures, price lists and most other printed promotional collateral. Always take advantage of cheap presentation folders to boost sales.

Presentation folders can be mailed to potential new as well as old customers. They can be handed out at meetings, conferences, tradeshows, training sessions and charity events. Many organizations also use presentation folders for personal letters, proposals and as press kits.

Pocket folders are commonly used to establish corporate credibility, branding, marketing, sales and public relations. Folders are available in many sizes. The most popular size is 9 x 12 presentation folders. Popular finishes on pocket folders are overall UV coating, spot UV coating, matte/ dull aqueous coating, or no coating. For an extra eye candy effect, spot UV can be added on the front and inside pockets. Folders can be printed on heavy 14 Pt, extra heavy 16 Pt, 100 Lb gloss cover or 16 Pt silk laminated card stock. 100 Lb linen cover stock has no coating. Other standard sizes include 9 x 14.5, 6 x 9 and 5.25 x 10.5. All sizes are die cut with two four inch glued pockets with your choice of business cards slits on right or left or both pockets or a combination of business card slit and CD slit.

For a smooth elegant top of the line pocket folder, consider 16 Pt silk laminated card stock that is waterproof, scratch and tear resistant. Silk laminated presentation folders establish a strong statement of luxury and are perfect for high end products and services.

To design an attention getting pocket presentations folder and reinforce corporate branding it is a good idea to use company colors and a logo to keep the company brand in front of the eyes of customers and prospects. This helps clients to easily remember your corporate symbol. Don’t forget to use the extra 8 inches of copy space on each of the 4 inch pockets on the inside of the presentation folder. Business card or CD slits personalize the folder and gives contact information and highlight company product lines.

A letter to the contact person should be printed on top quality paper uncoated 70 Lb smooth offset or linen paper. Using a formal letterhead on company stationery can be included in the packet to create a personal relationship. The letter can be addressed to an individual and your folder can be mailed or handed out. If they are going to be distributed in bulk for trade shows, they can be printed with generic customized copy.

The best way to order pocket folders or any printed marketing collateral is to go online. Some of the best deals are not always on the first page, so spend a bit more time and do a through search. Be aware of the lowest price. Advertised and discounted prices may not have the added value features that other online printing services may include like UV or matte coating, free upgrades to heavier stocks and free file checks.

Another very important feature is customer care. Speaking directly to the same customer care person all the time is better than having to explain the same situation to a different person every time you call. Make sure you find a company with knowledgeable professionals that can answer questions. Don’t accept being put on hold and bounced around before you get an answer to your questions and concerns. Sometimes the big guys are too big to treat you as you expect to be treated. Remember, the lowest price is not always the best value. To read more about Cheap Presentation Folders that boost sales, go to the authors website.

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Hiring A Brand Design Agency

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a brand design agency. One of the reasons is because an agency plays a major role in helping you discover, paint, and articulate a vivid picture about your brand.

By so doing, the agency will help you in identifying your brand’s personality and help you in developing a strategy that you will use in all of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

The firm will also help you in identifying viable markets. In some cases, you might be new in the industry and you might not know all of your potential customers. A great agency should help you in identifying great markets for your products.

To help you in penetrating the market, the firm should help you in packaging your brand so that it reflects your personality.

Company values are important as they play a major role in attracting potential customers and investors. A branding agency will help you in articulating your company’s values. To do this the firm will learn about all the aspects of your company. This means that the firm has to understand the company’s goals, philosophies, management, and processes.

With the advent of new technologies, it’s paramount that you learn how to take advantage of them for you to grow in your business. A great branding agency will help you in taking advantage of the technologies and resources so that you can build an emotional connection with your customers.

Some of the technologies that you have to take advantage of are: social media, new website technologies, and mobile platforms.

What you need to know before hiring a design agency

More is not always better: as much as you would want exposure, you need a firm that is going to be strategic in its working. This means that the firm must always aim at exposing you or your business to the right audience who will be of value.

For example, if you are a music artist, it will be of no value to be featured in 100 automobile magazines; however, it will be of great value if you are featured in one or two lifestyle magazines.

The right team always wins: many agencies tend to deploy small teams for each client, and for you to be successful, you need to work with the right people. Before you agree to work with a given firm, you should take a look at the qualifications and achievements of the deployed people.

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Thinking “Inside-The-Box” for Reusing Cardboard Boxes

All of us have grown up hearing the phrase “thinking out-of-the-box”. We have all tried coming up with novel solutions to common problems but have we ever considered “thinking inside-the-box”? Do not be surprised. This is just a reference to packaging boxes and materials wherein we often fail to consider the possibilities of reusing them after their primary purpose has been fulfilled. No matter how much we try to recycle or process it again, we end up expending energy and funds for producing the same product but in a better condition. Is this worth it?

Why Recycling May Not Be a Good Idea For Cardboard Boxes

The purpose of recycling is to make the most out of used materials to use them again. But in the case of brown corrugated boxes, the recycling process ends up giving the same box. While in the case of excessively damaged boxes, this may seem feasible. However, we could re-use these boxes and reduce the need for recycling as the process needs energy for the bales to be compressed and the pulp to be processed into paper again. Do you think it is wise to spend money, effort, resources and time on something that could have been used without all of these processing?

Maximising the Utilization of Used Cardboard Boxes

Reusing brown corrugated boxes or white shipping boxes is not cumbersome. In fact, with a little creativity, you could come up with really interesting ideas. For example, you could use the cardboard in gardening. It can be used in composting where you simply bury it in the soil. You could also use mulched cardboard which not only adds bulk to a compost, but also soaks up excess water / moisture from it. Did you know that cardboard offers one of the best solution for weed control? Just place a few layers of cardboard in weedy areas. This will make it difficult for the weed to push through. Old boxes can be filled with soil for use as a bed for new plantings. Seeds can also be germinated by embedding a few seeds on a dampened piece of cardboard which needs to be put beneath the soil.

The used boxes are great for storing things – files, clothes, toys and just about anything that you want. Due to its durability, these boxes can be used to put away things for a long time. This is the reason that when you visit the basement or the attic, you can find a lot of brown cardboard boxes. The boxes could be cut up into sheets, which would provide great surfaces to be used as labels. If you are planning on giving gifts, try and get used white shipping boxes where you can place the gift item inside the box and then colour / decorate it as per your wish. The white background gives you the freedom to come up with various decoration options.

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Profile Photos – What Does Yours Say About You?

Are you branding yourself with a cartoon or anime as your profile photos in your social media accounts? That’s not good business, even if your business is creating cartoon avatars for other people. That’s what a portfolio is for, but not your own profile photo.

Some people head to a cartoon creator site and turn their photos into cartoons. Or they’ll rely on the computer generated avatar for members who haven’t bothered to upload their own photos.

That might be okay for your personal Facebook page or a general, non-business blog.

But it’s not okay if you’re branding yourself as a professional business person, no matter what type of a business you’re in.

Profile photos are so essential to modern communication that a good one’s become a basic necessity. And that couldn’t be truer than for those of us whose professional lives are tied to social media profiles,” says Ann Pierce of

Obviously, different sites call for different profile photos. You might want to put a “sexy” image on a dating site, but that same image won’t do well on a business Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn or IBOToolbox.

And especially if you’re looking for a new job or looking to make business connections online, your photo can actually make or break a first impression.

Here are some tips from Stephanie St. Martin, Contributor to, for creating photos for your social media profiles:

People are looking to connect with you immediately and get a sense of your personality. You should think of your picture as your online “first impression.” You want to pick a happy and memorable picture of you.

No, we don’t mean it was taken by a professional. Use a shot that you would put on a job application, not a dating website or Facebook profile page. You don’t want anything that’s provocative, reveals too much skin or looks like you’re unprofessional. You don’t want anything that you took in a car or another strange setting. Choose a photo that you would put on LinkedIn or be comfortable giving your boss. Remember: You want your picture to show maturity and trustworthiness.

You’d be surprised by the number of fuzzy shots we see. Or pictures that were clearly taken by the provider holding the camera at arm’s length (often in the car), otherwise known as a “selfie.” Ask a friend to take your picture, using a camera with a good resolution. Face the camera and look straight at the lens. Don’t wear sunglasses or hide your face in anyway. Hiding your face makes it seem like you have something to hide.

Don’t upload a shot of you with any friends or family members — especially for your main photo. It’s too confusing which person you are. If you love the shot, try to crop your friend out, but if it’s not possible, take a new picture. If this photo is one of your additional pictures on your profile page, just make sure it’s clear which person you are.

Animal lovers love to show off their. But your main profile picture shouldn’t simply be a picture of your four-legged friend. People aren’t interested in doing business with your pet — they’re looking to connect with you! Make sure you are the focus of the photo. Feel free to include pictures of your pets in your secondary shots.

We all love photos with fun borders and creative effects. But sometimes, strange formatting makes it hard for others to see you.

“At the end of the day, your profile picture needs to be appropriate and professional. By having a great photo, business prospects don’t have a reason to “skip over you” and will take the time to read how awesome you are. So take the time to make a great first impression and get a profile picture that rocks!”

Source: “The Perfect Profile Photo” by Ann Pierce
Source: “Is Your Profile Picture Hurting Your Job Search?” by Stephanie St. Martin, Contributor to

Karen Musselman works from home and provides “Online Marketing Help Without the Hype,” through her blog, at, where she also has training videos for members of the marketing company she’s a member of. Stop by Karen’s blog today for more online marketing help.

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